Michelle Fornabai – The Process


What’s your favorite color?

Black, of course. Perhaps that’s why I paint in ink. In Chinese ink painting, the black tones impart the inner spirit of things rather than cloaking or hiding, and it is even said that the artist is “utterly revealed in ink.”  In Rorschach testing, one is scored according to whether the blackness of the ink is read as contour, tone, texture or color.  Often, I am covered in ink and I think about these things.

As I was staining my clothes with ink routinely, it helped that I habitually wore only black for more than two decades.  In New York, black creates anonymity, but I discovered in New Orleans it was quite the opposite. Also, I love someone who is red/green colorblind but he sees the minor differences in black so to him I am quite colorful. Wearing only black, my focus shifted to silhouette and texture.  Recently, I’ve made some experiments in color, but a friend of mine who is a fashion designer said that I am not really working in color, but rather in texture through pattern. I think this means something significant in Rorschach testing, but I’m not sure what it is.  http://girlsiknownyc.com/girls/michelle-fornabai/



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